Vista Pointe HOA Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

July 31, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 AM. Attending were Beverly Tharp, Debbie Casper, Susan Rust, Harry Siergiej and Kevin Wahlke. Kate Reich joined at 9:45 AM.

Vince Kleinholz, TR Gear, responded to Vista Pointe concerns per letter from Susan Rust for Board.

Irrigation – TRG employees handle irrigation duties, excluding boring under concrete and backflow. The system was blown out in the spring. The heads should have been checked and Vince notified of any issues. This was not completed as thoroughly as expected. The irrigation system is old; we should expect annual maintenance of $500-1,000. A system proposal was submitted for $900; this will be reduced to ~$600. Vince encourageD VP residents to advise of issues and repairs needed.

Fertilization – subcontracted to Tru Green. TRG sends application request, 5/yr. Selective treatments of tree and shrub. Has been Springboro that has not met expectations. Vince will insist the Cincinnati operation service VP (as they do for RB). Law requires flags be posted and pellet blown off sidewalk (if not spray) after treatment.

Decision Making – The mowing crew does not decide whether to mow developer lots. Kevin advises Vince and mowing is scheduled as soon as possible. We do not mow when not needed. There was confusion at end of the pond. Vince has reinforced common area to be mowed. Vince is training a new assistant, Andy. He should be in VP when work is done at some point to review and direct

Landscape – TRG will shear coreopsis once per year. Purple loosestrife has not attracted deer so far. Vince will assess new plants up front in late summer.


  • Chateau Valley sprinklers are running daily. Vince will check.
  • Mowing rate has gone up from $42 to $49 for Developer Lots. This is first increase in 4 years.
  • Fall pansies are in our contract. We told Vince we don’t want pansies. We can redirect those funds to be used for irrigation.
  • Susan will remove dead plants in median and return to Lowe’s for credit.

Meeting notes were approved following motion by Harry and second by Beverly.

Old Business:

  • Landscape lighting timer has been ordered. Sean from Towne will install this week.

New Business:

  • Board approved the letter drafted by Harry, including shifting order of landscape hints, adding help request to party. Beverly will work on Sportsplex availability for party to include date in the letter.
  • Beverly will ask Judy to left of Harry to join Beautification Committee.
  • VP will move in concert with Homestead on Gate Remotes action regarding deactivation and number of remotes. Kate will follow up with Eric and Chris.
  • New Homeowners – The home at 186 Vista Ridge has sold, but the new owners have not moved in yet. Beverly will greet when they move in. The Curtis and Merkel homes have contracts.
  • Dead trees – Removing the dead tree(s) on Chateau Valley is a priority. Debbie has quote from Cardinal that she will send to Kevin. We asked Vince to provide a quote and Kevin will ask Davey Tree. Kevin has quotes for up front kudzu covered trees. These removals are less urgent.
  • Home issues:
    • Debbie sent Kevin some addresses for street trees to be trimmed. Susan will assume future responsibility to monitor street trees during her walks.
    • Johnson house at 454 Vista Ridge has not addressed weeds, dead trees, etc. Kevin will send a third letter.
    • 274 Vista Ridge’s irrigation system pools water on the sidewalk resulting in algae. A neighbor has fallen. Street trees were trimmed and the debris was dumped in the empty lot across the street. This debris should be bundled for curbside pick-up or pushed back past the tree line. This homeowner, Dennis Pratel, was irritated by last letter about trimming street trees. We suggested Kevin call.

Next Meeting is September 4, 8:30-10:00 at Sportsplex. Debbie and Susan will suggest the multi-year landscaping projects. We will need to address gazebo roof next year so will plan spending accordingly.

Beverly Tharp


Dear Vista Pointe Homeowners / Residents,
The Zoar Road Gate was operational beginning October 13th.
A Remote will be required to enter and exit through the gate.
For a remote contact Kate Reich at as she is part of the Vista Pointe Board and the Board Representative on the Gate Committee.
To obtain a remote, the Vista Pointe owner or resident must show or provide following:
  • Driver’s license or recent utility bill displaying a Vista Pointe address
  • Signed acknowledgment of this remote usage policy
  • Vehicle license number
Click on the link below to get the Required Gate Usage Policy needed to pick up the Gate Remote:

Zoar Gate Remote Policy